Fish: Marine and Ponds

Target Forms of Fish Pond Design and Production

  • For starters, priority is given to production designs that can be manufactured locally and relies on domestic supply chain. Three design and production types are being contemplated:
  • Central ponds, which would include a separate fingerling pond, a recreational pond open to the public for fishing sport, storage and refrigeration units, and direct to consumer outlets. These ponds can have a surface area between 1000 and 5000 m2, with a corresponding water capacity of 1000-5000 m3.
  • Small tanks – to be designed and manufactured locally – operated by an individual farmer or a village group. Such ponds would have a surface area of 2-5 m2, 1 m depth, with a corresponding water capacity of 2-5 m3.
  • Ponds would be paired with plantations in the form of tubes (leafy vegetables and herbs), green houses (vegetables and berries) or orchards (fruit trees). Irrigation of the plantations is timed and paired with the ponds water maintenance.