The National Development Committee (NDC) was established 1982 in Lebanon, as a Non-Profit organization – License number 59/A.D. NDC’s central mission is to promote a model for integrated community development through concurrent advancement of agriculture, health, education, technical training, and socioeconomic support.

The Agricultural Revival Program (ARP) was launched in July 2020 in response to the severe economic turmoil in Lebanon. The key economic impairment was identified by ARP as heavy dependence on consumption of strategic agricultural products through importation of goods.

The program model of ARP is a long-term plan for agricultural development based on increased domestic productivity targeting small and medium scale farmers resulting in bolstering societal food security, family income, and improved practices through training, factual knowledge, and improved effective technical skills.

The NDC is a civil organization, non-political, non-sectarian, non-discriminatory; operates at the human level, respectful of all religious, social, or cultural affiliations, but does not accept such interferences in its operations. The NDC endeavors to enhance the productive and equal role of women in the society and its ranks are free of any gender limitations.
The NDC acts with the belief that for agricultural development to be sustainable, it has to involve a large coalition of organizations and co-ops, to reach at the grassroots level, a broad network of partner farmers to integrate their efforts into a common long-term plan. A first step was to coordinate the formation of "Partnership for Agricultural Revival in Lebanon", which include 14 partner organizations and agricultural co-ops, and is open to be inclusive of all entities with serious field-based involvement in agricultural production.

The ten-year plan of the Revival Agricultural Program conforms with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals - 2030, and endeavors to align its project targets and performance measures with those outlined by the SDG 2030.